Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are one of the most efficient ways to heat your home and with all the Government incentives now if the time to switch to this developed trusted technology.

An air source heat pump works by processing air and absorbing ambient heat at low temperatures into a fluid with a low boiling point. This fluid then passes through a compressor which increases the temperature and transfers the heat into home through pipe works to radiators and into a hot water cylinder.

If you have ever held your thumb over a bike pump and pushed the pump you know your thumb gets hot, it is a similar principle with a heat pump.

The cost of a heat pump will vary depending on your homes make up. Our engineers are not only experienced but also college educated in heat pump planning so we will perform a through property evaluation before recommending a heat pump.

Q- How efficient are heat pumps?

A- Heat pump are extremely efficient in generating more heat output than electrical energy input.  An air source heat pump efficiency is measured by seasonal coefficient of performance (COP). If a unit has a COP of 3 its expressed as being up to 300% efficient meaning for every 1KWh of electric input the output is could be up to 3KWh of heat.

Q- Are there any Government incentives are on offer for my Air Source Heat Pump system?

A- Currently there are two financial incentives on offer, we can help you access both.

The renewable heat incentive (RHI).

The RHI is Government financial incentive to promote the uptake of renewable heat solutions. Households installing an air source heat pumps maybe eligible for a quarterly payment for the first 7 years of their use known as the renewable heat incentive (RHI).

The RHI is designed to act as a pay toward or even cover the cost of the system. The current RHI rate is 10.85p per KWh and this is indexed against the retail price index.

The renewable heat incentive is designed to pay you back between 30-100% of the cost of the install, although the other thing to consider is the energy saving you will achieve through the 300% efficiency, so your overall payback maybe much greater.

The Government green homes voucher,

Announced in July 2020 and started October 2020 this is a scheme designed to kick start the economy after the downturn associated with COVID19 and provides funding for all households to install energy saving measures.

Under the green homes scheme air source heat pumps are a primary measure and broadly speaking every home is eligible for a grant of at least £5,000 when the household contributes at least an additional third.

Households with a benefit holder residing can claim vouchers of £10,000 with no contribution required.


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