Cavity wall insulation

We have access to grants to either install cavity wall insulation completely free or heavily discounted.

Did you know 35% of your homes heat leaks through cavity walls without insulation? Cavity wall insulation is the greatest energy saver you can install into a property.

Heat will always want flow from a warm area to cold one through conductivity.

For properties without cavity wall insulation for every £300 a year spend on space heating your home £100 is flying straight outside!

Installing cavity wall insulation into your home will dramatically reduce this heat loss. Cavity wall Insulation will help keeping you cool in the summer too.

In general properties built between 1920-2005 are likely to have been built without cavity wall insulation. We can retrofit cavity wall insulation to meet current building standards, simplify and without fuss. The install of cavity wall insulation takes around half a day to complete for our trained technicians.

We drill small incisions between the mortar joints of your bricks and blow a cavity wall insulating material into the cavity wall, before repointing all the holes with a mortar that matches your existing color and style.

If your home does not have cavity wall insulation installed already arrange a free no obligation survey with us today.

Not sure if you have cavity wall insulation? Get in touch and we can often tell you over the phone without the need for a site visit!

We are specialists in cavity wall insulation and our retrofit assessors are PAS2035 qualified and Trustmark accredited for your peace of mind. We ensure your home is 100% suitable for cavity wall insulation before installing and once complete we provide you with a 25-year CIGA guarantee.

Your customer journey.

  1. The first step is to give us a call or contact via chat so as we can establish your needs. We can confirm the funding we will be able to offer you, everyone will get some funding either 100% free or heavily discounted. More info
  2. We can arrange a no obligation survey at your convenience.
  3. During the survey our surveyor will check the property is 100% suitable for cavity wall insulation and complete the assessment for what Government backed funding we will offer.
  4. Once we have done the paperwork our end, we will contact with you to arrange a convenient time to install. It normally takes around half a day to complete cavity wall insulation.
  5. On your install day our installer will perform pre-install checks, balance our equipment before proceeding with your install.
  6. To install we simply make a series of small drill holes between the mortar joints on the outside of your home and an insulation material is blown in. Following this the holes are repointed with a mortar that is a close match to your existing colour and style.
  7. The site is cleaned from any dust associated with the drilling before a final site inspection is carried and our technician checks you are happy.
  8. Following the install a 25-year CIGA guarantee will be issued and will arrive on your doorstep a few weeks later. Keep this safe as if you decide to move buyers tend to want to see it.

You will now enjoy a warmer home that maintains its heat much better.

Your energy bills will be reduced along with your carbon footprint.

You will also enjoy a cooler home in summer too.

Mission Statement:

OrderMatic Carbon Reduction LTD since 2014

We have a passion for energy saving and carbon reduction, it is in our name!

Since our establishment in 2014 we have helped many thousands of households become more energy efficient by arranging government grants for insulation and heating upgrades.

We are proud of our achievements reducing carbon emissions, reducing energy bills and keeping people warmer in their homes.

Our surveyors are ECO warriors and offer unmatched knowledge about Government schemes and incentives to deliver you energy saving measures for free* or heavily discounted.

*subject to survey