Energy Performance Certificates and MEES

Energy Performance Certificates

An EPC is a legal requirement for placing a domestic property on the market for sale or letting a property out for rent.

An epc offers a wealth of knowledge for potential buyers or renters showing a snapshot of the property at that time. An EPC also shows improvements that are recommended as well as improvements already made.

An EPC provides an estimated running costs of a property and bands a property between A and G, with A being the most efficient. The higher the EPC rating the more desirable the property for renters or buyers.

By law rental properties are not eligible to be let out should the property not meet minimum energy efficient standards (MEES) and this is currently judged by having an EPC rating E or better.

We offer EPC assessments at a competitive rate with potential discounts if you have a portfolio of properties. Get in touch to discuss your options.

Minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES.)

We offer FREE advice to landlord relating to your requirements under this legislation and how we can help you achieve the standard.

Introduced in April 2018 and enforceable from April 2019 for all rentals, even with sitting tenants, now must achieve at least an E on EPC.

The Government plans to further strengthen this policy to enforce all rental properties be at least an EPC D by 2025 and an EPC C by 2030.

We can carry out a free MEES survey to assess the works required to achieve these energy efficiencies standards.

For many properties simple improvements can have an impact to meet these standards, although some properties it might not be so straight forward particularly if the property was built pre 1920 and away from a mains gas connection.

Having first-hand experience of landlords that have missed the boat on previous Government help to improve their properties we advise you to have a free no obligation MEES survey carried out now. Currently there are options to improve the property under the ECO and Green homes funding – find out more.

Our aim is to future proof your property to meet not only today’s standard but what will be expected of you tomorrow.

Mission Statement:

OrderMatic Carbon Reduction LTD since 2014

We have a passion for energy saving and carbon reduction, it is in our name!

Since our establishment in 2014 we have helped many thousands of households become more energy efficient by arranging government grants for insulation and heating upgrades.

We are proud of our achievements reducing carbon emissions, reducing energy bills and keeping people warmer in their homes.

Our surveyors are ECO warriors and offer unmatched knowledge about Government schemes and incentives to deliver you energy saving measures for free* or heavily discounted.

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