Loft Insulation

Heat rises, but that is no surprise to you!

If you can see the wooden floor members in the loft, the joists, you do not enough loft insulation. Seeing the joists means you most likely have just 100mm / 4 inches or less.

In general properties built before 2005 would have had a maximum of 100mm installed either when built or added in after. It is recommended that your loft insulation be a minimum of 270mm, in line with current building regulations.

Adding loft Insulation is a great way of getting a warmer home, saving you on money your bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

The best bit is we offer access to Government backed funding meaning all loft insulation improvements are completely free or heavily discounted*.

Installing loft insulation is something best left to the professionals as potential danger lurk in lofts, particularly in older properties. We also must ensure adequate airflow within the loft space to remove the chance of condensation build up in the cold roof.

You will be in safe hands with our fully trained installers.


Mission Statement:

OrderMatic Carbon Reduction LTD since 2014

We have a passion for energy saving and carbon reduction, it is in our name!

Since our establishment in 2014 we have helped many thousands of households become more energy efficient by arranging government grants for insulation and heating upgrades.

We are proud of our achievements reducing carbon emissions, reducing energy bills and keeping people warmer in their homes.

Our surveyors are ECO warriors and offer unmatched knowledge about Government schemes and incentives to deliver you energy saving measures for free* or heavily discounted.

*subject to survey