SOLID Wall insulation

If your home was built before 1920 the chances are it is of solid wall construction. These types of properties are terribly difficult to heat as the wall is a direct cold bridge to the outside.

Funding is available to insulate these properties by either adding an insulation layer to the outside or on the inside. Depending on the choice of insulation installed, it will dramatically change either the outside or inside of a property.

External wall insulation involves adding designed system to the outside of your home by a BBA approved system manufacturer. The latest technical standard requires only this approach, once followed you will be issued with a SWIGA Guarantee valid for 25 years. The estimated life of a solid wall system is 60 years.

Internal wall insulation involves adding a layer of insulation to the inside, which is then generally plastered and made good. This process involves replacing skirting boards and windowsills. The result is a fresh new interior to heat loss walls that are super-efficient.

With all solid wall insulation, a through survey is required and it needs to be planned properly to ensure the insulation does not cause condensation issues. We must adequately plan what will happen to the moisture generated within the property, this is commonly known as the breathability of a property. We must consider if your home is a vapour open or closed design and look to use products that compliment this design.

The end result of all solid wall insulation is greatly improved energy efficiency and comfort for residents.

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